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Corvette C7 (2013-2019) Exhaust with silencer and valves

Corvette C7 (2013-2019) Exhaust with silencer and valves

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Exhaust with silencer and valves of the exhaust system for the Chevrolet Corvette C7. Celeritech True Equal Lengths 8-4-1 exhaust system with the unique “super car” sound.

This is the C7 version of the Celeritech True Equal Lengths 8-4-1 exhaust system, the sound, performance and quality will be at par with the C6 version.

The C6 version can be seen on Hoonigan Project Garage Youtube channel.

Check the video here!

Note: both C6 and C7 are presales, but the C7 has 3 (instead of 2 for the C6) months lead time. Some extra time is needed to perfect the last steps, as control of the valves, testing, dyno run, etc.

Only available in the US (other countries/continents will follow).

Will fit any C7 model. For fitting a stock header/mid section, please contact us.

  • Full Stainless 304, all mandrel bends, all TIG welded with back purge.
  • 2 quick release V-band clamps and 2 slip-on T bolt clamps so you can swap out transitions easily to fit a stock exhaust/silencer to Celeritech headers, or fit stock headers to Celeritech exhaust/silencer. (transitions not yet available)
  • Grand silencer, to be as quiet as possible, as you do have valves anyway :)
  • Valves, to open up for full power and full music of that beautiful Celeritech 8-4-1 True Equal Length supercar sound!! Before and after the valves you find quick release V-band clamps for easier maintenance. Valves are so called “wear parts”, so instead of having to cut and weld the old ones out and new ones in, now you can swap it out in minutes! And yes, valves do wear out one day, all valves do, any brand. Replacement valves with V-band flanges will be available in the future.
  • Hanging system capable of making small adjustments. No, our exhausts are within spec, but many cars are not, let alone (plastic) bumpers. Factory tolerances are pretty high, or because of damage to the car, nothing is as frustrating as your brand new exhaust not just hanging perfectly with its end pipes.
  • 4.5 inch tail pipes in black with a smooth merge 1-2 collector for smooth flow up until the end.

Notes: Shorter/angled sparkplug caps will be required, and sparkplug boot connectors are advised. Extension cables needed for the 2 Lambda sensors in the back (We are working on providing these at no extra costs).

Distributed from USA ground (Florida).

Pre-order sale: the C7 has an expected lead time of 3 months (check FAQ for more info).


Full System:

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  • Early Bird Special: $1,699 (Save $750!!) for the first 30 units, then automatically increases to $2,049.

Take advantage of our early bird specials and presale discounts to upgrade your ride with the latest in performance technology and that unique (flat plane) super car sound!