Down payment explained in more detail

When you pre-order one of our Celeritech exhaust systems for the Corvette C6 or C7, there are 2 options:

  1. 100% Down Payment: This is including shipping costs and confirms your order and secures your place on our priority list to get your system as soon as possible.
  2. 50% Down Payment:: The remaining balance along with the shipping costs of 200 dollar will be due once the product is ready to be dispatched. We will notify you at this time to finalize the payment and confirm shipping details

Pre-Order Steps:

  • Add the prefered item to cart: and fill in your details. Choose the 100% or 50% option and complete the payment.
  • Confirmation: Receive an email confirmation of your pre-order.
  • Final Payment Notification (in case you chose 50%): When your product is ready to ship, we will contact you to collect the remaining payment and the calculated shipping costs.
  • Dispatch: Upon completion of fabrication (and in case you chose %50 choice, the receipt of full payment), your product will be shipped to the designated address.

This pre-order method ensures that you are fully informed about the costs throughout the process and helps us manage production efficiently.